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Manufacturers Represented

At Original Solutions Company, our goal as manufacturers' representatives is to make sure our manufacturers' products perform efficiently and properly in the systems in which they are installed. We offer a full range of HVAC equipment and systems from industry leaders that are known for making products of exceptional quality.

Ebtron, Inc.

Air Flow Measurement Systems

Outdoor Air Systems

Ventilation Flow Measurement

Energy Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

Building Pressurizaiton Monitoring

Combination AFMS & Dampers

People Counters


Chill Water Flowmeters

Hot Water Flowmeters

BTU/Thermal Consumption Monitoring Systems

Steam & Gas Flowmeters

Potable (Domestic) Water Flowmeters

Condenser Water Flowmeters

Make-Up Water Flowmeters

TSI, Inc.
Healthcare Room Pressure Monitoring & Control
Cleanroom, Hospital & Pharmaceutical Particle Monitoring & Control
Laboratory Monitoring & Control
Fume Hood Monitoring & Control
Measured Air Performance, LLC
Laboratory Containment Exhaust Monitoring & Energy Control Systems
Gas Detection, Monitoring & Control Systems

OSC Technical Services, LLC   

ISVC (Installation, Startup, Verification, Commissioning) Services for the Products we sell